Sunday, September 11, 2011

The end. Of sorts.

Farm life for this summer at the beloved Nitty Gritty Dirt Farm has come to a close.  Buzz, one of the 2 horses  residing on the farm, decided he was having a bad day this past Monday September 5th and decided to kick, shake, swish me off.  I, in return, ended up having a bad day as well after I landed on my bum with negative shock pads offered from mother earth below.  Not that that was enough, Buzz, for good measure, decided he'd really show me who was who and leave his stamp on my right calf (I am referring to the soccer ball size bruise I'm peering at in hues of deep burgundy, midnight blue, algae green, and mucus yellow).  I can barely sit on a cushioned seat without letting out a slight yelp let alone do the duties of the farm.  Tuesday the 6th was my final morning on the farm.

It feels odd to not awake to the crow of the two combating roosters and to lean my head against the warmth of Stormy's billowing stomach as I milk her in my sleepy state.  I miss the mist that rises on eastern horizon.  The sun that peaks over the mighty Oaks to illuminate the sea of dew gently nestling on the Sandburrs and Quack Grass.  I miss the simplicity of living where I work.  I miss Marl and Otter and Emma the most.

Marl.  Marl is the indoor kitty that Robin and Gigi have.  The cuddliest, sweetest little kitty.  Just saying her name filled me with a bout of joy.

Otter.  Otter was the youngest, and my personal bias, the cutest goat on the farm.  I would make it a point to hold her at least twice a week.  I would have never thought I would love goats so dearly, but my heart now aches to have my own.

Emma.  My relationship with Emma really began the last half of my time on the farm.  She was one of the two barn cats, Nala being the other.  Emma decided to see what it was going to take to wear me down til I was willing to let her come in and have some cuddle time in my pop-up.  It didnt' take long.  She is about 80% purr, white with orange blots, and rarely sits still.  She also has a drooling issue that I came to kind of endear.

This is an end to this particular chapter, but I will continue to be around sheep and oak trees and lush gardens.  It won't be Marl or Emma or Otter, but it will be good.

My next adventure will continue out east in VERMONT!  I was just offered a job at Spring Lake Ranch in southern Vermont!!!!  I will be relocating out east sometime in November/December!

Life is just getting better.

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