Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Basil, oh basil.

  Milked goats this morning.  Squeeze with pointer finger and thumb and roll fingers down.  Repeat.
Gigi said I did okay.  More challenging than I thought.  I think it will become something that I religiously love to do, seeing that we milk in the mornings and afternoons.  Resting my right ear against the lower back of the goats stomach.  An intimate connection.  There are four lady or doe goats.  Stormy, definitely true to her name, Stormy's daughter, Nimbis, Mamba, and Mezzo.  I had my trial run on Mezzo.  She was a good sport.

  Obviously I thought a lot about my cat today.  We planted row upon row upon row of Genovese, Thai, Amethyst, and another purplish basil that I can't remember it's name at the moment.  The scent put a smile on my face, pondering and salivating over the pesto to be had later in the season.

  There are a couple cats here on the farm, three that I know of.  Two are barn cats, one nice, one not so nice and one inside cat.  Marl is the domestic kitty (to the right).  She is a "poof" of white, blonde, and black hair.  She also weighs approximately two ounces, okay, maybe not two, but she's little.

  [I'm going to have a moment, excuse me]  I miss Basil!  She has been for me what no one else has known I needed.  Her consistency, excessive purring, and adventurous attitude are attributes I'm missing today.  There are also the dependable sleepovers that I deeply miss.  She is with Aly for now and is loving it.  Uuhmfh.  Kinda wish she was here.  For now, I have Marl to cuddle with and coo at.

  Farm photos to come.  My battery charger is in Middleton Wisconsin and will soon find it's way to the farm.

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  1. Good to see the blog activated! I'm jealous of the farming life.