Monday, June 27, 2011

I crocheted a hat!

I'm exhausted typing today.  It's 5:10 and evening chores start in 20 minutes...just enough time to catch up over the last few days.

Today we took over the weeds that prevailed last week in the wet and rain and cool of the entire week.  Honestly, they were out of control enough that we were able to take push mowers and mow down the middle of the rows.  Then, God sent a gift in the form of mulch to us!  [Weeding has been a personal pain in the ass lately and there is lots of it to do all the time, so, mulching = less weeding.]  Liz, Em, Holly, myself and Gigi (for part of the time) took to the hay bales and spread the hay in between the mowed rows.  It was a dirty job and I have plenty of crap in my eyes to prove it, but we will all be the happier for it, especially our backs.

After hours of mulching and a falalfal lunch in between, we came to a stopping point with the mulch and were redirected to create an addition for the pig pen.  If I do say so, those pigs are loving the extra 75 square feet!

To catch up with my lack of blogging lately, I went back to Eau Claire this weekend.  I honestly was craving a real bed, a hot bath and hugs from Aly and Briana.  I got all those and plenty of naps.  It was a fairly low key weekend.  I did manage to spent a good 5 hours at the Joint in between Friday and Saturday, so, you'll have that.

Before I trekked south to Eau Claire, we had harvest day on Thursday.  This week we had a boastful amount of salad greens: Asian greens, sweet pea tips, arugula, beet greens, baby kale and chard, and more that I cannot recall in the moment.  We again had Bok Choy and scallions.  For an added flare and zest we added garlic scapes to the box.  I have tons of pictures from harvest day...ENJOY!
Red and Green Onions!

150 heads of Bok Choy.
Interns!  Holly cleaning the onions and Liz loving the Bok.

Birgit receiving the hand off from Karla.  Yes, this one was posed.

Suz filling up the tubs of lettuces with water to keep them chilled.

Gigi organizing and arranging the share boxes.

After the onions are picked, they are immersed in water to chill, cleaned, bunched, THEN put on these fancy tables to drip the access water off.  They next step is to put them in the share boxes for our share holders!

Karla and I.  She's a good one!

Sorting lettuce.  I'm sure most of you have used a salad spinner to wick off the access water after rinsing your greens, well we do the same.  Believe it or not, our take on a "salad spinner" is putting the greens in mesh bags and placing them on spin cycle in the washer that we have hooked up in one of the hoop houses.  Hilarious and yet works like a gem.

Self explanatory.

We layer the different varieties of greens on the table, kinda like lasagna...

Then grid off the table of greens and bag.  (Example: 1/4 of the table needs for make 6 bags)

This is me at my drop site.  Looks like winter with my attire, and it kinda felt like it.  Exactly why I decided to crochet a hat.  

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