Monday, August 15, 2011

A break from the farm life...sort of.

Overlooking a small pond nestled next to a giant, cascading willow tree and a row of apple trees proudly showing their orbs of red and green.  I arrived at Spring Lake Ranch prior to dinner where I was greeted by Alex, the guy who I've been in contact with for the last few months regarding a position here at the farm.  It feels good to be in Vermont.

I've been driving for the past four days and my body is ready to be done.  I'll have a few days here to feel out the farm and community and hopefully leave with a sense of peace about a decision.  

The last few days have been amazing! And when I say amazing...I'm really talking about the people I've met in the places I've been.  It's so great to be able to go anywhere, literally and be able to connect with individuals.  I couch surfed in Painesville, Ohio and Oneida, New York the last two nights and if I could choose to change them, I absolutely would not.  

Here a few photos of the places I've been. 

Downtown Painesville, Ohio

A beautiful Catholic church in Painesville.

A boardwalk out to Lake Erie.  Actually quite dirty...but then again I'm used to Lake Superior.

The house that I couch surfed (or should I say spare bedroom surfed) in Oneida, NY.  So beautiful!
The backyard...did I say the Julie is a floral designer, go figure.

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