Wednesday, August 3, 2011


  These are the turkeys when I first got to the farm in mid-June.  They have grown substantially since and as a result have gotten a larger, more plush pad.  
  We have chores both morning and evening at the farm.  Chores are a singular term for feeding & watering the animals.  If I'm not milking Stormy, the last of the lady goats that hasn't been dried off, then I usually choose to  do what we have cleverly chosen to call "long waters."  
  So tonight, I started on long waters since we only milk Stormy in the morning.  Baby chicks, teenagers (youngish hens), and then turkeys.  The turkeys have been pretty jumpy lately and tonight was not an exception.  I let myself into the turkey pen, which looks like a miniature rain forest inside, and noticed that a the center support for the tarps was looking a little lopsided. So naturally, I went to straighten it.  Well the jumpiest of the jumpiest decided to b-line it for the door which happened to be slightly ajar...and out she went, flapping her wings in applause of her small accomplishment and short taste of freedom. 
  So, in all honesty and humility, this is not a one time occurance.  For the turkeys, this is the second time that I   allowed a few the wander freely amongst the adjacent pigs and sweet corn.  Last week I had the duty of manipulating three of the wandering sheep back into the sheep pen.  The key:  broccoli.  They love broccoli...who knew?  We've now given up on all the laying hens being in the coop.  Half of them are and the other have made their beds under large balsam firs and tall patches of weeds. 
  I am so thankful for the animal life on the farm.  Animals bring a sanity and calmness that is so effortless and typically consistent.  Otter.  I am in love this animal.  Otter is our smallest, cutest, most easy to love goat.  He is a shade of caramel brown with black socks and a black spot on his forehead.  I honestly try to make to a point to hold him at least once a day, usually during morning chores.  Such a good way to start off the day!
  Well, for those of you in suspense, the turkey did make her way back in.  Took a little creative thinking, but the duty was done. 
  A few random photos.  Here's the bulk of the crew (L to R) Gigi, Emily, Robin, Liz, and myself. 
 It was our first potato harvest...yep...a little excited about that!

Just a look at one of the corners of the farm.  Uhmm....this is my reality on a daily basis!

Veggies!!!  How rewarding and ultimately empowering to be able to pick ripe, healthy, delicious produce that we have toiled over for weeks upon weeks.  This is exactly what I signed up for.

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